Effective, patient-centered communication is key to quality care.

American Medical Association

How it works

Why it matters

Sharing information builds trust.

Patients can make the best possible decisions. Doctors can intervene sooner to make changes to a course of treatment.

Patients who ask more questions and share more information are generally healthier.

Empowered patients make better choices about their own healthcare, and make informed decisions supported by medical evidence.

Cloud Forest Solutions provides...

an organized, secure web application for patients and caregivers, with convenient access to medical chart information, administrative information, health history tools, linked information, and electronic messaging with providers.

Patients can...

document health and healthcare information, take notes on self-monitoring progress, and share data with caregivers and their health team. Doctors and healthcare professionals can communicate, remind, follow up and provide pre-visit prep for patients.

Better outcomes.

From routine episodic care to chronic condition maintenance, engaged participation results in better follow through, and better health outcomes.

We facilitate evidence-based, proactive and preventive medicine.

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